She pulled into the quiet layby, it had been a busy shift and she needed to relax. She looked across at Her passenger as She lifted Herself in Her seat and pulled down Her trousers revealing delicate underwear. Her hand slipped beneath the elastic  and  over Her smooth vulva. A charge went through Her as a finger slipped between Her lips curling and teasing Her labia. All the time Her passenger had been watching Her. She reached across with her free hand, brushing His thigh before settling on His crotch feeling the growing bulge beneath the fabric. She unzipped His fly and released His hardening cock, moving Her hand up and down the shaft on time with Her finger gently probing Her cunt. She let out gasp as Her orgasm grew, He could hear Her wetness, She moaned as Her orgasm raced through Her, making Her grasp His cock tighter. At this touch His breath quickened and He came several spurts coated His trousers while the rest ran over Her hand…

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