The pool

I’m afraid I’ve been AWOL on here for far too long…real life ( not just the present covid situ, but other stuff as well ) has been a bit of a creativity blocker for a while now. Recently though the ol’ juices have begun to flow or at least trickle, and I’ve been putting pen to paper or curser to screen. These stories aren’t perfect by a long shot, but their the first steps in getting back into producing erotica. I hope you take this into account when reading this, and I hope you enjoy it.

She finished Her swim and pulled herself up out of the pool by the steps in the shallow end. Stepping onto the poolside She ran Her fingers under the hem of Her new high cut swimsuit rearranging the fabric that had bunched up during Her swim.

She walked to her locker and grabbed Her Towel and some shampoo and headed towards the showers.

The showers were communal and usually at  this time of day quiet, there was only one other person using them when she entered, a  man a little younger than she was. He hadn’t noticed Her enter and was busy lathering His body. She couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his trunks as the suds flowed over His waist. His trunks were tight and low cut, His penis outlined by the stretchy fabric. His balls making a wonderful bulge. She stood under the shower with Her back to the wall, holding in the button that controlled the flow of the water in She let the water flow over Her. She opened her Shampoo and began to wash Her Hair. After washing the suds out she looked across to the Man, and down to the bulge which looked to Yvette even more impressive than before. They both left the showers at the same time. As they reached the changing cubicles She did something impulsive and grabbed the arm of the Man and dragged Him into the closest cubicle. He offered no resistance, He had been watching Her in the shower which accounted for the large bulge.

She reached down and traced the outline of His cock through  His trunks, feeling it harden and grow beneath the fabric. Her touch ended at His balls, She opened Her hand to grasp them, giving them a little squeeze. She slipped a hand beneath the waist band of His trunks grasping His hard cock. As she moved Her hand up and down his shaft, She could feel herself getting aroused, Her pussy was throbbing and Her clit ached to be touched.

He reached over to Her shoulders and peeled Her wet costume over Her breasts pulling and twisting Her nipples. She lent forward, releasing His cock from His trunks and took it in Her mouth, She could taste the pre-cum on her lips as she circled the head with Her tongue, cupping His balls in His hand. She stood up and smiled, His hand ran over the fabric of Her costume and  gently pulled aside the thin fabric covering Her smooth pussy and slid two fingers inside Her soaking labia. His thumb rested on Her clit as he curled His fingers inside Her gently massaging the front wall of Her vagina. She orgasmed almost immediately.

They switched positions. He sat on the bench His hard cock standing  proud, She climbed on top of Him, reaching between Her legs to guide His cock inside Her. She pressed down taking His full length inside Her pussy, before beginning to thrust up and down. He reached round to rub Her clit as She rode Him, his other hand grasping Her breast and tweaking Her nipple.

The pool was beginning to get busy, shadows passed beneath the gap of the cubicle and muffled sounds of people undressing could be heard from a joining cubicles. As His hard plunged between Her labia, She found if difficult to stiffle her moans or deep breaths as her orgasm approached. She bit down on Her lip as Her orgasm racked Her body and She squirted a little as She raised herself of his cock. She knelt before Him taking His cock wet with her Juices in Her hand. It only took a few pumps before He came, thick creamy streaks landed on Her breasts. She took his creamy cock in Her mouth, Her cum and His mixing together on Her tongue. She stood up and wrapping Her towel around Herself and went to retrieve Her clothes from the lockers…

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