Freedom to write what I like.

One of the best things about having a blog that few people take notice of is the fact I can write whatever I like. I know the whole point of a blog is to write about things You enjoy, things You’re interested in, but I can literally write whatever I want, say and share whatever I want without worrying about views or lack of, of losing viewers, or sponsors or advertising revenue, I literally feel like I’m flying under the radar.

So far on this blog I’ve shared photos, My rather mixed attempts at erotica, Shibari, and My Demisexuallity which is something I’ve not even shared with My family.

I’m thinking about sharing some fantasies of mine. I’m umming and ahhing about sharing these as they are intensly personal. So why would you write them down then? I hear You say. Well writing down My sexual fantasies sort of gives Me a buzz, maybe the person I fantasise about will read them? The only real worry I have would be that perhaps maybe They’ll recognise Themselves?. But sharing them also allows me to talk openly about sex and sexuality in a safe space. If you know me I’m a rather quiet guy, and my social skills are somewhat limited ( I have a brain condition that affects my social interaction, I’d dearly love to be able to do small talk, or just talk freely without feeling self conscious…but it is what it is ) so being able to talk to you about this without feeling embarrassment, ashamed or anxious is fairly liberating.

Fantasy isn’t real, but the effect they can have on Your sex life, or in My case masturbatory life is unmistakable, the brain is the largest sexual organ after all, and they are a natural part of being a sexual person. They allow you to be sexually experimental within the safe space that is our mind. Everyone with a brain and genitals and a sense of desire has all the equipment they need to masturbate to Their fantasies.

Ever since a friend of mine mentioned pegging, this has been one of My fantasies…

I watch Her full breasts sway gently as she walked towards me. My eyes wander over her naked body down towards the strapless dildo between Her legs crowned by neat well trimmed pubic hair bobbing with each step.

I Kneel before Her, taking the dildo in My hand, wanking it, feeling the other bulbous end inside Her rub against Her with each stroke before sliding it between my lips, imitating how I imagine She would suck my own cock, the back and forth motion pushing against Her crotch, stimulating Her Clitoris.

I stand and bend over, legs apart as She stands behind me, pressing the tip of Her “cock,” against My hole, gently but forcefully penetrating Me, filling Me, thrusting back and forth. She reaches round and grabs My cock and starts to stroke it, moving Her hand back and forth in rhythm with Her thrusting. I push back onto Her as we both orgasm, my cum coating Her hand as We collapse together breathing hard, Our hearts racing.

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