More crap about Demisexuals

As a Demisexual, while searching through the net for more information, Your bound to come across a fair bit of crap written about it. “Your snowflakes”, “Your just looking for attention”, “Demisexuality doesn’t exist”, “Your just normal”, “You haven’t met the right one yet”, “Your not LGBTQIA”. But this…this is something else.

I came across this post by Randomaesflags and the reply to it through a Tumbler page while looking for a good site about pride flags and their meanings for a friend.

I quote ( all text in bold is theirs)…

“like the demi flag pisses me off. i have my own personal feelings on the term but the flag is just. it puts a black triangle on it without any thought to be quirky

ive tried to look into meanings of the black triangle on it and have gotten nothing. the most i could figure out was someone took the design of the asexual flag and then just slapped on the triangle to make it look different

not only is that. rly lazy imo. but is just bad design choice. especially if its meant to be a pride flag. heres what a black triangle means in the lgbt community


taken straight from the wiki by the by

you. cannot. slap on a black triangle. on a random ass pride flag. unless it is something reclaimed by lesbians

lesbians suffered from the use of this symbol. been tortured and harmed by being marked by a black triangle. not demisexuals or demiromantics. lesbians


“Hi! As a Jewish lesbian, this is all correct.

The fact that their flag is still being used and they don’t seem to really give a single shit about stealing symbols used to oppress us is super gross and shows that yeah, you guys fucking straight up hate lesbians and Jews.”

…End quote

That Lesbians died in the Holocaust is without doubt as surviving records from Ravensbruck Concentration camp confirms that four Lesbians were incarcerated at the camp, and though its true lesbians suffered in Their words being tortured and harmed by being marked by a black triangle…the statement is disingenuous, it ignores the fact that Lesbians were classed as “asocials” in German asozial or “arbeitsscheu” workshy a broad category which included beggers, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, pacifists and people of Roma and Sinti ethnicity

In fact, “the Nazis did not systematically persecute lesbians. However lesbians were imprisoned in concentration camps as political prisoners, asocials, and as members of other groups” ( the Holocaust Encyclopedia, Lesbians under the Nazi regime )…you can read the whole facinating article here :-

“Prior to1939 lesbians were amongst those imprisoned as “asocials”, a broad category applied to all people who evaded Nazi rule. These detainees were considered socially maladjusted. All asocials were identified through black down turned triangles”

Its ahistorical to say that only lesbians were targeted and wore a black triangle, it’s also disrespectful to all the other groups that were classed and murdered as asocials…the 250-500,000 Roma and Sinti, or the 70,000 asocial, the repeat offenders, the pacifists, the prostitutes, the addicts and beggers, and it’s disingenuous to claim that no one can use a black triangle in any way and on anything. As a matter of fact certain medicines in the EU display an inverted black triangle as a sign that they are subject to additional monitoring and a black inverted triangle is used by a disabled rights group. It’s equally disingenuous to claim a sideward triangle is the same and has the same meaning as an inverted triangle.

She obviously didn’t look to hard into finding the meaning of the black Demisexual triangle…a simple google search brings up 323,000 hits…the colours of the Demisexual pride flag mirror the colours of the Asexual flag…demisexuality falling as it does under the Asexual “umbrella” with black representing asexuality on both flags.

Demisexuals are not anti-semitic and neither are they lesbophobic this is a ridiculous statement to make. Claiming so of a small community like demisexuals is unhealthy, it can cause confusion, internal disputes and can cause people to question their own sexual identity and the symbols of that sexuality. That she doesn’t mention the use of a black inverted triangle by EU medicine or the disabled right group is telling, its an attempt to mask exclusionism to gatekeep the LGBT community. This is harmful not only because it ignores what being LGBT means, but also excludes groups and invalidates the harm and lack of representation done to these groups. most exclusionists believe to be LGBT that you have to be severely suppressed or discriminated against…the black triangle in the bloggers eyes acting as a symbol of that oppression…this is how the LGBT community started but it is not what defines it…

“The LGBT+ community is supposed to promote diversity in sexuality, sex, gender, and relationships; which by nature includes a-specnon-monogamous, and any other queer identity, whether oppressed or not. So long as they are lacking attention and validation in media and everyday life, are safe and consentual, they are LGBT+”

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