A Dream…

As I’m writing this it’s….4am and I’ve just woken from a recurring dream. Not a nightmare, far from it in fact it’s an incredibly erotic dream, it just keeps recurring, the same person the same act…it’s someone I know, which is why it probably wakes me and why possibly when it does leaves me feeling guilty.

I’m watching Her…We’re watching each other, We are both naked. She’s lying on Her bed masturbating one hand on Her breast softly squeezing, Her fingers pulling and teasing Her nipple as Her other hand slides down the front of Her body, Her chest, stomach, abdomen until Her fingers reach down between Her legs and over the soft curls of her pubic hair.

Her fingers quickly part the fleshy wet lips of Her labia, Her middle finger running up and down the whole length, Her thumb resting on Her Clitoris as Her middle finger gently slides inside Her inviting hole, quickly joined by Her ring finger while Her index and little finger hold Her labia apart allowing me to see Her fingers slick with juice begin to slowly thrust back and forth Her arm raises slightly as Her fingers curl up towards Her inner wall, Her back arching as She finds Her mark.

Her other hand which had been caressing the soft warm flesh of Her breast is now holding a wand which She places over Her clit, the steady rumble of the vibrations eliciting a gasp. My cock is erect, all this time She has been watching Me. As I continue watching I move My hand up and down My hard shaft, exposing the head slightly as My foreskin rolls back and forth. Precum glistening on the tip.

She stops masturbating, Her warm wet fingers grab My shaft, moving back and forth. My cock twitches and stiffens at Her touch, with a gentle pull She guides Me closer to Her, between Her open legs until the tip of My cock is pointing towards crotch. Her slick fingers move faster My breath quickens as My orgasm approaches…I cum, thick sticky wads of semen leave streaks over Her pubic mound and hair. She releases Her grip and I move between Her legs, I kneel down My face inches from Her pussy Her scent filling my nostrils. I lean forward taking Her soft wet folds between My lips sucking and pulling, My fingers part Her labia and slide into Her as My mouth and tongue work upwards briefly, teasing Her clit, hard and erect to My touch.

Reaching Her mound I lick My cum from amongst Her pubes, tasting both of us together on My tongue. My fingers begin to move faster and Her breath begins to quicken…. And that’s when I wake up, feeling both incredibly aroused and incredibly guilty.

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